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Monday, May 12, 2008

Joint inspection of multiple water leakage at Andheri

Action for Good Governance and Networking in India (AGNI) K east JAAG committee conducted a joint inspection along with MCGM, Traffic Police and AGNI’s K east ward at Andheri east where no representative of MMRDA was to be seen. In all, they detected 19 leafages from the water pipeline from Marol Maroshi Road to Pipeline Road. Many of the leafages were the result of MMRDA’s unplanned road construction.

The reasons for these leakages are many like due to improper road construction, improper handling of pumps, and even due to heavy traffic on the roads.

According to the past records many of the leakage spots have been put in place by the BMC earlier but they have popped up again due to MMRDA’s faulty road construction.

BMC official Anand said that, "there is a remark that after a contractor does some work at a place a defect liability period is attached to it which may be for a year or so. If any problem even in regard to leakage occurs then he has to repair it free of cost. But still it is being handed over to BMC."

Another BMC official, Jadhav, commented that, "there is a misconception that BMC doesn’t do anything. But the fact is that work gets delayed due to lack of sufficient manpower and not negligence". Till date out of 43 complaints, 37 have been rectified in a month’s time he added.

With regard to the present leakages, the BMC officials decided dates with the contractor, timings with traffic police and also considering the water supply timings at the respected areas and would start its work in full swing shortly and try to rectify leakages at these 19 spots within15 days. So it has been mutually decided that they would have a review inspection after 15 days to ensure the progress.

Rest of the leakages on the Andheri-Kurla Road and Andheri-Sahar Road will be detected by Agni K east Jaag members, who in turn will inform the MCGM and all those who were involved in the inspection.

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