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Monday, May 5, 2008



T HE WORK is on in real earnest and the residents now expect it to get over be- fore the onset of monsoon, the deadline given by the authorities. For residents of the Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, Kanti Nagar, And- heri (E), it was foul smell and mos- quitoes, accompanied by diseases for the last 30 years before a com- plaint filed by local NGO, AGNI, got the ball rolling. The July 26, 2005, deluge was the day when AGNI decided that the problem had got out of hand and filed a complaint against the coop- erative societies in the area. Says James John, co-ordinator of the AGNI/K East Ward: “During July 26 floods, the problem had become so unbearable that human excreta was to be seen floating on the roads.” The old buildings in the area had sewer tanks which were not connected with the main sew- erage lines leading to dirty water seeping out of the tanks. In some places, the tanks were connected to the storm water drainage ad- joining the buildings. It was around this time after the com- plaint was filed that the civic body almost fined the societies and threatened to take action. Says Sadashiv Chindarkar, resi- dent of Kanti Nagar, and chairper- son of Kanti Nagar Welfare Asso- ciation: “We had informed the BMC about the problem and there were numerous instances when they had come to visit but no one took any action.” The ever-increasing number of buildings added to the problem. At present, there are around 23 build- ing which house 240 flat owners. When complains from the NGO in- creased, the BMC sent a notice, saying it would fine the societies. “When they came, we told them that the there was no other option but to connect the septic tanks to the main sewerage line as the BMC did not clean the septic tanks often,” adds Chindurkar. When contacted a BMC engi- neer from the ward, who is not al- lowed to speak to the media, said, “We cut the connection because it was in violation of procedure. No sewer line can be connected to the storm water drain.” Adds Ashok Pai, another AGNI member: “Since the water pipe line was also running along the storm water drain, there was al- ways water contamination.” When asked about how the soci- ety was allowed to come up with- out a sewer line, he said: “We had provided for a septic tank and the collection was done frequently.” It is only after the complaints that the BMC also passed the order for getting four other societies too connected to the place. He adds: “We have now got rid of the problem of not only that area but also the colonies nearby. A project on laying water pipe line for four colonies is on.” Programme for clean pipes: What lies ahead Project deadline: Nine months Project cost: Rs 1.13 crore Roads where work is on: Velinkani Road, Charat Singh Road, Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, and Bagadkar Marg Size of line: 350 mm in diameter Societies that will benefit: Tarun Bharat, Charat Singh Colony, Kanti Nagar and some buildings in JB Nagar adjoining Bagadkar Marg

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