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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A true Story of a Lost Mobile & how it was found

Ms. Mithila P Wadkar Nokia Mobile phone , model No. N – 70 ( IMEI No. 3529 1302 0096 986 ) with No. 98192 03563 was stolen while boarding 1850 Hrs ( 6.50 PM ) Andheri local from platform No. 1 of Dadar Railway station on 2nd May 2008.

She then lodged a Complaint at Dadar Western Railway Police Station on 3rd May 2008. As she had inserted a software for mobile tracking on her mobile her colleague Mr. Rupesh Chindarkar whose Mobile No. is 9820847510 which was inserted in the tracker received a number as 98920 34606 as soon as the SIM card was changed by the thief & a new SIM card inserted.

She duly informed these details to the duty officials on 3rd May 2008 & also provided them with the SIM number inserted in the Mobile. The police officials at Dadar Western Railway Police station only consoled her & informed her that they would investigate & by 5th May 2008 they would inform her about it after 8 PM as the concerned police official is on Night duty.

Thus she visited Dadar Western Railway Police Station on 5th May 2008 at around 8.30 PM but the concerned police official was on leave. So again on the next day she visited the police station at around 7 PM where by the concerned police officials informed that the entire procedure takes around 15 days thus she would need to contact them only after 15 days.

It was during these visits that she came to know that the police officials had not at all started any investigation and she started loosing hope of getting her mobile back.

But her friend Mr. Victor Jose informed her about AGNI & with the help of Mr. James John ( from AGNI ) she wrote a letter to Commissioner of Railway Police ( Wadi – Bunder ) regarding investigation to her stolen mobile phone on 16th of May and a copy of which was forwarded to Dadar western Railway Police station on same day.

She waited for about a week to hear from Commissioner of Railway Police but their was no response at all. Then Mr. James John suggested me to write a letter to Deputy Commissioner of Railway Police on 25th May 2008 , a copy of which was forwarded to Dadar western Railway Police station and Commissioner of Railway Police ( Wadi – Bunder ) on 26th May.

On 27th May 2008 at around 8.30 AM she received a call from Inspector Kokate. who informed her that investigation to the lost mobile has been started & API Inamdar is investigating the case & he would be providing all the details of the investigation. Again on 27th evening API Inamdar called her & that she needs to meet him in person so that he can show her all details with regards to the investigation , so she agreed & confirmed an appointment on 28th May at 6.30 PM at Mumbai Central police station.

On 29th May she met API Inamdar and he showed her the call list of the number from tracker ( 98920 34606 ) from the day the thief had inserted his SIM i.e 3rd May to 17th May ( the day when police officials called the thief for enquiry ). The police official also informed her that the thief had stopped using this number after he received a call from police officials.

API also showed her the details i.e name and address of the users ( these details were received from Airtel ). According to Airtel documents the number was being used by Abdul Hanif Ansari . But when the police officials called him for enquiry he said that he was not using that SIM but a Reliance number , he had no idea about who was using Airtel number on his name. The API informed her that he was going to investigate how did the thief manage to get the SIM on the name of Abdul Hanif Ansari & that he had sent a request to Airtel to provide him the original documents that had been submitted while issuing the SIM. Besides API had also noted frequent numbers from the call list and was going to get address details from those numbers so that he could reach the thief.

API took a statement from her in which she had stated that her mobile was stolen and not lost. He didn’t give her a copy of her statement and told her to call him after 2 - 3 days & he would inform her about further investigation.

On 2nd June she called the API he informed her that it will take around 2 - 3 days time to receive the original documents from Airtel so she should call him after 2 - 3 days. Accordingly she called him on 5th June , were by he informed her that he had received an address of Ghatkhoper from the call list and he was suspecting that he will find her mobile there , so he was going to Ghatkoper that night.

Thus the next day i.e 6th June again she called API , he informed her that last night he was busy in some other case and he himself would let her know within few days may be sunday.

Accordingly API called her on Monday i.e 9th June and informed her that they have found her mobile and that she should come there that evening to collect it. That evening she met the API & he asked her to recognize her phone & after matching the IMEI number he handed it over to her.

On asking how he could find her , he told her a complicated story in which around 5 - 6 persons were involved who had gifted the cell to one another & at last they found it at Mumbra with a person named Ansari who had the cell & his girlfriend had gifted it to him . But on asking why he was not arrested , API informed that the actual culprit was not found & that the cell was gifted to him so he was innocent. Lastly he took a written statement that she has got her cell and the case should be closed. But he didn’t give her a copy of the statement again.

‘This is an example of absolute foolishness’

16 spots at the Airport have two signboards depicing the same symbol

Kunal Purohit

While going to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), from the Sahar road as well as from the Andheri-Kurla road, one’s vision is hit by signboards instructing motorists about the various regulations to be followed there. The peculiar situation here is that at many spots, there are two signboards with the same message.
Entering the airport from Sahar road, DNA Westcoast counted the number of spots where there were two signboards depicting the same instruction. A total of 16 such spots were found.
Citizens are questioning the reasoning behind the same. Biju Augustine, a Marol resident and AGNI activist, says, “ I have been a frequent flyer, and hence, I always notice these signboards. I don’t understand the logic behind having two or more signboards saying the same. At most spots, these poles are right next to each other, just adding to the stupidity!” Augustine adds, “I had noted that one of the two boards has MTP inscribed on it, which indicates that it was put up by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). If true, then it’s a criminal waste of the taxpayer’s money.”
James John, another AGNI activist, says, “The concerned bureaucrats and officials should have common sense. I presume that they must be having some budgetary allocations for installing signboards and that is why they have blindly installed signboards. This is exactly what I call bureaucratic foolishness. Would these officers put two name plates on their doors ?” Quips Augustine, “I don’t know if this is some strategy by the authorities to prove it to all the visitors to the country, as to how we Indians don’t understand something that is told to us once!”
When contacted, R Dhakne, ward officer, K-East Ward, initially denied putting those boards, even when told that the boards had ‘MTP’ markings. However, when pointed out that what these boards signified, he admitted, “These boards have been put up by the BMC.” When asked further, he suddenly stated that he was busy. The Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) spokesperson didn’t respond, despite repeated efforts.