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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Enforce the rule of law

Action for good Governance and Networking in India (AGNI) celebrated its 9th anniversary demanding ‘Enforce the rule of law’.

They united together a network of citizen groups behind a single cause and pledged to uphold the majesty of law and its gift to the city.
We abide by a constitutional democracy whereby we have written norms and every layman is expected to follow them so that the society could function smoothly.
So as to avoid conflicts, chaos in society. "But today Rule of Law is not being enforced in the way it should be.

The Rule of Law differs from person to person depending upon his strata in society." Said D M Sukthankar (vice Chairman AGNI).
Then Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud, chief guest for the evening expatiate his opinion on the Rule of Law by saying, " today 40% of judgements in courts is related to asking government officials to do their duties and dispose applications."
Designing the laws is not a problem but implementation is! People need to understand that its Rule of the Law and not Rule by the Law. Monopoly on the information is breaking down because in the courts information is given on an issue by people who's own conduct is under scrutiny.
In such a situation new doctrine of Governance should be introduced wherein there would be accessibility, accountability, predictability and transparency he added.
Another well-known personality Julio Riberio opined that, " today it's become the culture of the society to break the laws, laws are manipulated by those who have made them.
Every second person turns a blind eye saying that when first person doesn't follow the norms then why should I?" in acceptance to it Surendra Srivastava spoke in a very assertive voice that " beyond law enforcement attitudinal change is necessary. Attitude should be either I will change or the society, I'm not ready to change so society has to change." So in a way it's a wake up call for citizens to understand the importance of the Rule of Law. People should realize that 'every man makes a difference'. Instead of breaking one's basket on another it's better to get oneself known about their rights and fight for the same.

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