Monthly Meeting

We meet every 3rd Sunday from 11 AM to 1.30 PM at Upper Ashankur Hall , Holy Family Church , Andheri East.
Meet us there to join us!

About Us

AGNI is a response to the growing frustration felt by Mumbai's citizens over the plight of their city. It stands for Action for Good Governance & Networking in India. It tries to be true to its name as it mobilizes citizens to work with each other and the city authorities.

AGNI was launched in the year April 1999. It is a non-political, non-sectarian movement of volunteers. It has no members or membership fees.

AGNI works through its JOINT AREA ACTION GROUPS (JAAG). The JAAG tackles priority local problems. A JAAG is led by a Ward Coordinator. AGNI K East JAAG is led by Mr. James John.

Some of the groups formed under AGNI K East JAAG:
  • Storm Water Drains (SWD) group - Aims at zero water logging 
  • Water Group - Aims at zero water leakage and water conservation
  • Local Area Citizens' Committee (LACC) - Along with MCGM and other authorities like MTNL, MMRDA, RInfra etc., aim to address our day-to-day issues
  • Municipal Education Group - Aims at improving the quality of infrastructure and education at Municipal Schools
  • Visits Group - Aims at bringing a social connect with the less privileged and imparting knowledge to the volunteers.
Other activities undertaken are:
  • Propagating Right to Information
  • Conducting regular meetings with the Police at DCP level
 Being a voluntary movement, AGNI K East JAAG needs voluntary support. Citizens are invited to contribute their indispensable ideas, time, effort and financial support.