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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

रंग दे बसंती


Watching the movie was quiet a experience. The situation in the movie was just like a reality. The climax is enough to wake you from your slumber. Coming out of the theatre you feel like start hitting out and change the system. This experience must hace been felt by most of us. Your blood must have flowed like a hot stream in your body. I saw many young boys and even girls passionately discussing among themselves as how to fight the evils in the system. There were many wild views flowing around, some wanted to hit out at the politicians, who they believe is the root cause of all the evils, some just wanted to expose all the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. The groups were divided among extremist and moderates. Some wanted to fight just like Bhagat Singh and Rajguru as in the movie and some like Gandhi.

Youths today surely want to change the system. But lack of guidance will land them nowhere. To keep their passion burning, proper guidance through information is essential to bring a change in system. AGNI is such an organization where you will get the right ammunitions to fight the system. It has wealth of information where the youth can weed out the obstacles which they will face in fighting against the corrupt system. Be it BMC or Police or any government organization, you should know their working to get along with them. We appeal to all those who want to do service to the society.



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