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Friday, March 28, 2014

AGNI Volunteers on IBN Lokmat channel's Youngistan Zindabad Show on MP duties

With elections around the corner, IBN Lokmat channel had an Election Special episode on their Youngistan Zindabad show.The show specifically dealt on understanding MP duties. A group of spirited youngsters were asked what their understanding was about duties of MPs. Most of them said that they were unhappy with the way MPs are functioning as basic infrastructural needs like good roads, water and electricity supply etc. are not being met with. AGNI volunteer James John informed them that MPs have only one duty and that is making laws. He said that issues pertaining to bad roads, water supply etc., ought to be dealt with the local Municipal Corporation and that you cannot judge the MPs based on these issues. He asked if anyone knew the Lok Sabha attendance of the MPs. Do they ask questions in the Lok Sabha.? There is a procedure that they need to follow; are they following it or just marking their attendance there? Mr. James John further said that you can get these information on the Lok Sabha website and it keeps record of all work done in your area and the funds utilized. He said that the questions we should ask are not about bad roads but about policy changes like education policies, women's safety, health care for senior citizens etc. He said we are not very informed voters and hence it is our duty to study about the candidates and vote or opt for No Vote.

Watch the video here:

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