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Friday, February 14, 2014

AIDS home visit by AGNI K East JAAG

Have you ever thought of spending a day with HIV/ AIDS patients? We did and one thing every AGNI volunteer who spent a day with them would vouch for is that, it was truly a humbling and eye-opening experience. Seeing the smile on the faces of those who have been socially discriminated, seeing their eyes well-up with tears as they get to feel one amongst us for a day, made this Sunday trip absolutely worth every time and money spent. It’s easy to spend a day in a mall or a movie theatre or party with friends. But we have 51 other Sundays for that. One Sunday and our mere presence was all that it took to make these unfortunate souls whose lives have been stigmatized by a dreadful disease believe that there is still something called humanity.

 AGNI K East JAAG organized its annual visit to Jyothis Care Centre at Taloja that houses women suffering from HIV/ AIDS on February 09, 2014. Run by the congregation of the Sisters of the Destitute, this centre provides care for those patients who have been rejected by society. AGNI volunteers along with their families participated wholeheartedly in this event.

We started off at 8:30AM from J.B. Nagar, Andheri (E) and reached the centre by around 11AM. We were greeted by the inmates who sang a beautiful welcome song for us. After spending some time settling down, there was a round of introduction followed by a sumptuous meal that we ate with the patients. This was followed by a number of games; housie, hoola hoop and cricket to name a few, that we played with the patients. After all the fun and frolic it was time for us to leave, but before that, we handed over all the donations that we brought along with us given by generous donors to the sisters and the patients. The patients couldn’t thank us enough and their only wish was that we come again next year. We left around 6:30PM feeling happier as happiness is contagious.

AGNI K East JAAG would like to thank its volunteers Agnelo D’silva, Sujata D’silva, Dandamudi Madhuri and Dinkar Rajbhar for planning this trip meticulously. They worked hard for almost three months to make this trip a very comfortable and rewarding experience for each one of us. We would also like to thank all those generous donors who donated in cash or kind for this noble cause.

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