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Monday, January 13, 2014

Marol Police Camp Municipal School Visit Report - by Marshal Mendonza

5 Dec 2013
Time : 10.55 to 11.20 a.m.

1. Teachers absent in school and students just wasting their time in school. There were only 4 teachers and a NGO in the whole school. The HM Mrs. B Karande and the Sr. teacher had gone for training, some teachers were absent. Two classes 6th and 7th were accommodated in Jr. classes. Met Mrs. Fernandes, a senior teacher and informed her about the disappointment of our members about the teaching faculty of the school.
2. Computers not functional and none of the MCGM officials interested in ensuring that the computers are functional for teaching purposes. As per Mrs. Fernande,s only two computers were in working condition. It seems that the HM and the teachers are not interested in maintaining the computers. Requested Mrs. Fernandes to inform the HM about our disappointment, and to get the computers in working condition.
3. Space crunch for students but still two classrooms are locked. Was informed that students have to continuously write, and the students get very tired. Also classroom space is too small for the classes.
Then went to the other building of the school, two classrooms were locked and in the third a NGO was taking the class.
4. Previous Pending points.
    -Roof work is still pending
    -The wall broken through and through - still pending
    -Wiring of all the rooms is bad and dangerous

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