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Monday, October 5, 2009

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Avinash Kadam said...

In a recent survey by some agency 66 % voters said they have no faith in any party. 66% is a significant percentage of voters rejecting all political parties to rule. This is the main reason for reduction in the percentage on voting in recent election. This loss of faith in electoral system has serious implications for the democracy.
Protest voting is one way. But there I don’t have secrecy of my protest.
So now let once the people be given chance to express this through secret voting instead of abstaining from voting. An option "None Of The Above" be incorporated in the form of NOTA button on electronic voting machine to maintain secrecy. Overwhelming majority will chose this option and this will be an eye opener for political parties and election commission. This will make electoral reforms and change in political system inevitable for saving democracy.
So instead of protest voting in present form we should campaign for NOTA option as a part of electronic voting machines.

Avinash Kadam