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Monday, March 31, 2008

March against mobs

March against mobs
Posted On Sunday, March 30, 2008
WSP Correspondent
On April 6, a unique peace march will rally from Holy Family School Hall, Chakala till Andheri Police station to protest against mob violence. Points out activist Ravi Nair, an Action for Good Governance and Networking in India (AGNI) member, “We only put up our hands and blame the mobs, when they disrupt our normal life. We decided to raise our voice and make it count. Errant mobsters rule our lives and law-abiding citizens bear the brunt. They walk away scot-free, and even administration does not bring to book such elements, because politicians and powerbrokers are also involved. Joining this march will be elected representatives, former members of the administration and police, representatives of citizen groups and activists such as like Navleen Kumar, S Ganesan, Sumaira Abdulali, Suryakant Panchal, H S D’Lima and Vaishali Patil. This peace march will also highlight the inefficiency of the police authorities, when recently, AGNI activist James John was assaulted at J B Nagar, and had to be hospitalised during the Raj Thackeray arrest drama. The police acted only after a few days.When: Sunday, April 6Where: Holy Family School Hall, Andheri EastAt: 4:00 p m to 6:30 p mCall: 9821295960 (Ravi Nair) / 9223298694 (Ashok Pai)

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